In addition to our products, we offer you a wide selection of additional services.

  • Information

    From our expertise, we can advise you about latest developments in packaging technology, e.g. non-preserved spray systems for which we are an authorised partner for their specialized manufacturer.

    Market Knowledge

    We have been developing our range throughout the years, so you can trust us to give you a satisfactory answer to your question „Can you provide…“ „Do you know where to find us…“.


    We are dealers and representatives / authorised partners for a number of well reputated specialized manufacturers, all based in Germany. All operate under GMP rules, most successfully passed ISO 9001/9002 examinations. Quality Certificates with shipment are a standard with us.


    aeoWe obtained the status of Approved Economic Operator (AEO) effective 6th March, 2009 under
    Reg.-no. DEAEOF100310,
    as a central piece of inter-national security measurements. Our chain of supply therefore is secure and not subject to any worries. For you, our status provides improved security along with excellent quality of goods and services.

  • Coordination

    We act as your broker in such a way that we coordinate your demand of various items into one shipment, fitting and matching eachother. Thus one order and one import at the right time.


    Join us, participate in and benefit from the quantity advantage of our orders with a small, selected number of manufacturers! This will pay for most of our services rendered to you. You will benefit from our coordinating work, compensating for any rise in invoice value.

    Availability From Stock

    We manage to stock a number of items regularly demanded at beneficial costs and to distribute them in smaller number at reasonable prices, still. Our well assorted though limited stock allows for prompt shipments to you.


    Along with packaging materials, we put our mind on complete packing systems and machinery, too, to offer our clients the best of services. Rest assured that your requests and enquiries will be given our prompt professional attention and care.