Injection vials and screw threaded bottles


We offer tubular and molded glass for injection purposes, including lyophilisation. Some vials, mainly 6R and 8R and 8H, are regularly stocked with us in 1st hydr class clear, hygiene shrink-packed. Many other sizes can be made available from our qualified manufacturers. For fitting closures and stoppers please see Rubber | Aluminium

Rubber Stoppers

Stoppers for injection and lyophilisation purposes


Ø 13 and 20mm, in synthetic rubber of mainly red and grey color for fitting ATB-vials as per DIN ISO 8362, resp. for screw bottles with 14 and 18mm threads .

For fitting components please see Aluminium | Glass | Plastic



Caps – plain aluminium and with plastic tops (Kombicaps)


Caps – plain or lacquered aluminium, centre or total tear-off, resp. with plastic tops (Kombicaps), Ø13 and 20mm – fitting to our glass and rubber items, several colors stocked.


Screw caps mainly in 14 and 18mm sizes, with and without inserts of various characterics


We offer various plastic screw bottles with fitting closures, as well as scaled syringes for dosage purposes.

Our range gives you a variety of plastic screw caps, colored, also available with inserts, with or without Teflon coating, all applicable to all DIN 168-screw bottle.

Silicagel capsules and sachets protect your sensitive products against moisture during transport and storage.